Launching In Exeter On Small-Scale DAB
Launching In Exeter On Small-Scale DAB
Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 4:08pm

We are go for launch!

We are now able to announce that both Diamond Life and Diamond Groove are to join the small scale DAB multiplex for Exeter.

Chris Dinnis, Paula O’Neill, Lee Francis and Ian Starling are just a few of our presenters who will be back on-air in an area they have served before.

Diamond Groove presenter Chris Dinnis said: “I have a lot of heritage in Exeter having broadcast in the area for many, many, many years.”

Ian Starling, acting as consultant on the project for the parent company MediaM8 Ltd said: “We have not added Diamond Jazz just yet. We have other plans for that on DAB in the future, we think we have a good advertising offer.”

Exe DAB chairman Dr David Treharne said: “We’re hoping that new radio stations will come on board, as well as allowing existing local broadcasters.

The costs of broadcasting are just a fraction of what they would be to cover a large area, so this system allows schools and clubs to launch their own stations, for event organisers to have a station just for a few days, or for stations outside Exeter to extend into the area.”

Although the date is still to be confirmed both stations Diamond Groove and Diamond Life are slated for early summer.

What is DAB

DAB stands for ‘Digital Audio Broadcasting’ – this is the future of radio here in the UK and in many other countries around the world.

At some point FM as we know it will be switched off. As well as being less prone to interference DAB opens up new opportunities for broadcasters and a dramatic increase in listener choice.

DAB enables broadcasters the ability to offer a wide range of stations for a wide range of tastes, interests, communities and age groups.

How It Works

FM radio is sent out as a transmission on a particular frequency. If you tune away from that frequency, you’ll quickly get static.

DAB radio works differently. Many stations are sent together on one frequency and the listener chooses their favourite which is allowed through by their radio excluding the others.

The way DAB signals are sent brings some extra benefits, too. For one thing, stations can send out additional information like pictures, song names and other info.

DAB signals are also better able to work around obstacles between your radio and the transmitter, like large buildings, and they carry their own protection against transmission errors.

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